I am a PhD student in Virtual Reality and Robotics at the University of Oulu in the Center for Ubiquitous Computing.

As part of the Perception Engineering Group with Dr. Steve LaValle, my research focuses on understanding the fundamentals of human perception in virtual worlds and uncovering perceptual illusions that can be used to optimize virtual reality for human sensory input and processing.

My Master’s thesis research investigated natural restorative environments in virtual reality for stress relief, mood improvement and other therapeutic applications. My background is in experimental and clinical psychology and I have a decade of experience as a neuroscience research laboratory manager.

This summer, I was selected as a 2018 Oculus LaunchPad Fellow. Oculus Launch Pad is a program designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds.

In the spring of 2018, I was a teaching assistant and VR cinematographer for the virtual reality class at the University of Illinois, where I expanded my portfolio of VR projects and assisted students in learning how to develop VR with Unity 3D.

You can view my CV here and learn about my virtual reality projects here.

Last year, I completed data collection for my Master’s thesis project, Virtual Reality Technology and Restorative Environment Effects on Stress (VR Trees Study). To learn more about my lab and study, please see this website.

To learn more about my research and the people that I collaborated with on that project, please see the links below:

MS Advisors and Their Affiliations:

Collaborators and Thesis Committee Members:

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